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Hollywood tough guy Ray Winstone shows his support for The FA’s Respect Parent Guide to Youth Football.

Winstone is here to promote The FA’s new Respect Parent Guide after research showed that more than 7,000 youngsters had hung up their boots over the last couple of years due to pressure from the sidelines.

Winstone believes that parents need to lose the "win at all costs" attitude and bring some enjoyment back to the game: "Kids want their parents to watch them play football but they want to be supported by them, not embarrassed".

For addtional information, you can visit http://www.thefa.com/TheFA/Respect/.



USSF Referee

Are you or anyone you know interested in becoming a USSF referee?

For additional information and learn how to become a Soccer Referee, please visit Cal South for information and available clinics in the San Diego County and Southern California Area.